Whether you are a car dealer or car freight broker you can use Goforit app shipping features to find transporters for your loads.
Download the app and follow easy registration steps. Check our database – you might already find your company in the list. If you find the company you can simply register with your e-mail and link your profile to already existing company profile. If your company is not in the database you can create one. We will send activation e-mail. After you activate your account you are all set to ship your first car.

  1. Create order and set important information such as price of the load, pickup date, origin and destination addresses. Make sure to indicate correct vehicle information and add up to 11 vehicles per load. You might want to check appropriate boxes if vehicle is inoperable or if enclosed trailer is required.
  2. After order is created you have two options: a) to make it public which automatically advertises order to the open market so you can wait for transporters to send offers or b) Directly offer order to the transporters from the list.
  3. You can add or remove transporters from the list of favorites or blacklist them.
  4. When your order offer is accepted driver is automatically assigned to the load. You can call the driver and discuss more details. After driver picks up the vehicle you will receive appropriate notification. Once car is delivered the order will be removed to the history. You can rate transporter which will later reflect to transporters general rating.

In case of any questions, please call us and our consultants will help you and provide additional instructions. Our line is: +1(201)526-5176