We design all in one tech solutions for the complex needs of the auto transport industry.

– Find new opportunities

– Inspect car in the easiest way ever

– Send Bill of lading with one click

– Get new opportunities from hundreds of dispatching companies

– Save all your history and earnings


– Find and invite new Transporters

– Gather all business needed info in one app

– Track your loads, optimize delivery

– Get new opportunities

– Easily import Load data from major load-boards in the US

– Use the statistic engine to analyze your progress


– Perfect for Dealers and Brokers

– Find your transportation company easily

– Reduce time spent on shipping activities

– Track your orders/loads in the real time

– Get the best prices on the market

– Work with your favorite transportation companies in one system

– Use the statistic engine to analyze your progress

Your Trusted Auto Transport Partner

AI-based Auto transport solutions to drive business outcomes for Dispatchers, Dealers, Auctions, Brokers, and Transporters.


Have sufficient instrument for car inspection and able to find new loads every day

Dealers, Private shippers

Get access to transportation companies and have ability to easily manage their loads


Get access to available transporters and fine new opportunities every day


Able to find new transporters and manage their fleet


Can post loads and optimize delivery time as well as be visible for thousands of Transporters across the US

Private car buyers

Can find info about cars posted on auctions with most recent inspection information

Why Choose GOFORIT?

Value added solutions

In GOFORIT we are helping you to find a new business, and professionally manage your operations every day.

Automates the whole market

GOFORIT is a group of AI-based Web and mobile applications, integrated with each other to connect all market players under 1 infrastructure and provide sufficient and best-in-class solutions to the market.

Time and Performance

Save your time and increase your performance by managing loads with automated workflows, AI-based features, and integrated solutions.

Under the hood

Visualization & Integrations

  • Easy-to-use web and mobile solutions
  • Interactive maps that shows all required info
  • Custom financial and logistical information
  • Load information and  statuses
  • Available opportunities are visible on the map for optimization your opperations
  • Track and change/update routes on the map.
  • Real time integration between all 5 GFI solutions: Transporters, Buyers, Shippers, Dispatchers, Brokers
  • Integrated forms for such providers like ACV, Carsarrive, Ready logistics, Central dispatch, Metroloads and others
  • AI-based engine helps to organize and plan activities across all platforms and solutions
  • Helps Transporters to find loads and Shippers to find Transporters

We're Helping Shipping companies and truck operators Overcome Challenges, Set And Achieve Business Goals

Starting Your Business

GOFORIT learning center helps hundreds of new market players to learn more about car hauling business specifics and start their business in the US

Growing Your Business

With GOFORIT infrastructure engine (GIE) companies can find a new opportunities every day and optimize their business operations

Manage Your Business

GOFORIT supplies market players with topnotch tools and working environments to succeed in car transportation business and manage day-to-day activities

Sharring the experience

Want to start a car hauling business but don't know how?

Interested in car hauling, but don’t know how to start? Want to learn about specifics in transportation business in the USA? Interested in laws, permissions and other regulators? What about insurance and finding first clients?

GOFORITAPP.COM has loyal users who are willing to share their experience of how to start the car hauling business. In this series of posts you will find the list of necessary steps to get into the car hauling business, how to pick up the right truck, what issues should you expect, and how to deal with them.

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