About GOFORIT Systems

Your Business Success Is Our Mission

Goforit team strives to make your everyday business decisions a success. Whether you are looking for a load, dispatching or managing a fleet of drivers you are in the right place. With Goforit solutions your business raises the bar that could never be reached before.

We want you to scale your business and rapidly grow by leveraging the digital opportunities and rising technologies, while we mitigate the risks. Striving to understand business goals, operations, context, your customers, and business requirements, and all the possible risks are what differentiates GOFORIT from the competition.

Our Approach

We innovate every day and you give us reason to. We listen to our carriers, dealerships, drivers and their dispatchers who are using our platform. The hard work produces incredible ideas of what can be done to help our community strive. At GOFORIT, we embody learning and caring culture, attracting the best talent, who stay with us and our customers for years. That’s how we live, learn, grow, and succeed together. We are motivated experts seeking out challenges. We look for partners, rather than just customers.

We’re aimed at building long-lasting business relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. In GOFORIT, we seek to understand our customers, their businesses and goals as well as our team’s larger goals in life and career. We achieve proficiency through continuous learning of better ways  how to serve auto transport industry, to implement feature that our users really need and that bringing real value to the market.

Our Values

Ethics & Compliance

GOFORIT transforms and improves the way our customers do business. At our company, we use our creative minds and talents to invent, develop and deliver technologically advanced, intelligent solutions. How we get there is just as important as what we achieve. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and legal standards in all our business activities.

Diversity & Inclusion

At GOFORIT, we act as one team, value collaboration and appreciate our differences. We are committed to cultivating an inclusive and diverse workplace, so we can deliver the most creative and cutting-edge solutions and ideas.

Corporate Responsibility

At GOFORIT, our approach to corporate responsibility is guided by three principles: operate ethically, protect the environment, and support our global and local communities.

GOFORIT global leadership team

Nicholas Avaliani


Nick plays a key role in the company. He oversees all the business operations and responsible for business grow. Leading our team in the right direction. He has an extensive experience in auto transportation industry and making sure we are providing the best possible solutions on the market.

Alex Andru

Alex plays a key delivery role in GOFORIT software development life. He oversees all technological process and lead tech strategy for the company. He has strong expertise in building complex software solutions and  oversee all development operations in the company.

Roman Grygorovych
Chief product architect

Roman is our tech guru. He orchestrated complex technical solutions to make our app so easy to use and fast to operate. Roman is leading GOFORIT development team and making sure we are delivering best architectural and technology solutions possible.

Oksana Andrushen
Global delivery manager

Oksana is our global project lead overseeing all software development initiatives across our company. She has extensive experience in project management and managing the full software development lifecycle in GOFORIT Systems.

Nino Tordia
Chief product owner

Nino is our great product manager. Passionate about translating ideas into reality, visualizing the needs of customers, and creating product features that actually solve problems.

Lena Struk
Head of UI/UX practice

Lena is responsible for our UI/UX team. She makes not only beautiful and user-friendly designs but also heavily involved in building business logic to make our applications and systems easy to use and the logic easy to understand.

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