New generation web application will help you to find transporters near you, send them offers, get counter offers or assign loads directly. Check how many cars each transporter has hauled before and their ratings. Add transporters in favorites so they will see your loads first. No need to pay hefty subscription fees for hard-to-use load boards. Receive notification each time the load status changes. Automatically receive BOL including condition report and inspection. And many more…


The best end-to end solution for Dealers and Brokers. GOFORIT provides a free trial period of 30 days. No extra or hidden costs. As a broker or dealership, you can register on the app by following this link.

After simple registration steps you can start using our platform. After activation, you can post your first Order with cars to find a transporter. You can upload vehicle pick up slips or gate passes without typing in. As soon as you upload your first car this will become available on the open market and carriers will get alerts on their GOFORIT systems, you will get offers and suggested pick-up and delivery dates from carriers, you might have multiple offers and decide which one fits your best. You can add drivers to Favorites, track how the drivers are shipping your load and where is it in real-time, send offers to your favorite drivers etc.

Whether you are a private shipper, car dealer or a car freight broker, you can use Goforit infrastructure and our modern shipping features to find transporters for your loads fast and easy.

In case of any questions, please call us and our consultants will help you and provide additional instructions. Our line is: +1(201)526-5176

Where to start?

Create a new Order (Load)

1) On the left side of the screen you can see a dark blue MENU panel. Find and press My Orders tab (Mark 1). On My Orders screen you will see all your active orders (Loads, requested deliveries).  If you don’t have any active orders (loads) this page will be empty.

2) To create a new Order please press Create Load button on the top right corner (Mark 2) and fill in the details on the Order form.

3) When you create an Order (load), you will see it on Active Order section as list (Mark 3) and on the map (Mark 4) as a Car icon, located at the same address as the Origin has.

New Order (Load) form

If you need to transport a car or several cars from one location to another, you will need to create an Order. Order is a term used in GOFORIT app that represents one delivery (up to 11 cars) from one particular address to another. If you need to pickup cars in different locations or deliver to different addresses, you will need to create several Orders.

1) When you press the Create Load button, the Order form will open. Start filling out the form by entering the information about your Order (Mark 1). Load number (your personal/corporate ID of the Order/Load). Pick up date (date when you want this Order to be picked up by the Transporter). Delivery Date – when you want this Order to be delivered. Price – how much are you ready to pay for the delivery services in this Order. Field Status represents current status of this Order.

2) Second step is to add cars that you want to deliver. Press Add new car button (Mark 2) to start adding cars to your Order. See details below, described in Step 4.

3) On the Comment section (Mark 3) you can add any addition information you would like to share with your Transporter or Dispatching company.

4) When you press the Add new car button ( Mark 2), you will see the small form related to a particular car under the Cars to Transport section. Fill out the form (fields like Make, Model, and VIN are mandatory. 

5) When you are done, press the Submit button to add this car to the Order. If you need to add more cars you can press the Add new car button again and fill out the form for the second car. Overall you can add up to 11 cars into 1 Order.

6) Finish filling out this form by adding information about Origin – where your Order needs to be picked up (Mark4) and Destination – where your Order needs to be delivered (Mark 6).

7) If some of your cars needs to be delivered (or picked up) to different addresses, you will need to create a separate Order for that.

8) If you would like your Order to be visible to other Transporters (that will give them opportunity to offer their services to you), please make sure you keep checked option Make load available for all transporters (Mark 7) on the bottom of you Order form.

9) When you are done with filling out your Order form, please press Create Load button on the bottom right corner (Mark 8) to finish with editing and save your order. It will be visibe to other Dispatchers and Transporters.

Finding a Transporter

There are two ways to find a Transporter for your Order: Automatic and By Invitation.


If your Order has a checkmark on the option Make load available for all transporters, your Order is visible on the market and somebody from the current GOFORIT users will offer you their services.
When some Transporter offers you a service you will receive a notification (Mark 3), an email, and you will see that Transporter under your Order, pending your decision.
1) Go to My Orders (Mark 1). You will see a list of your orders (Mark 2).
2) A purple circle (Mark 4) will show how many Transporters are waiting for your response.
3) Under your order you will see a list of Transporters (Mark 5).
4) Use the Accept/Reject buttons (Mark 6) to either approve this Transporter to deliver your Order or decline his offer.
When you accept a Transporter he/she will be automatically assigned to your Order. Now you can call your Transporter to discuss details.

By Invitation

If you want to invite a particular Transporter to transport your Order, this Transporter needs to register in the GOFORIT FOR TRANSPORTERS mobile app. It’s free and the registration is very easy. You can share these links with your Transporters:

For iPhone: link
For Android: link
To add the Transporter go to the Transporters tab (Mark 1).
1) On the Search field (Mark 2) Start typing your transporter’s name (or company name).
2) The dynamic search will show you the list of registered Transporters who match the search criteria.
3) Locate your Transporter in the list (Mark 3)
4) And add him/her to the list of your favorite Transporters by pressing the Add to list button for easy access in the future.
Now, when you go to the Transporters tab, you will see the Transporter that you just added to your Favorite List (Mark 5) displayed and you can offer him/her to transport your Order.
Press the Offer load link (Mark 6) to invite your Transporter to the particular Order (Load).
5) On the pop-up window, locate your Order (Mark 7)
6) Press Send invite button (Mark 8). The notification will be sent to your Transporter.
As soon as your Transporter accepts your request, he/she will be automatically assigned to your Order (Load) and you will receive a notification.
Now your Order is ready to be Picked Up by your Transporter. You can track the location of your Transporter on the map on the My Orders tab. When your Order is picked up, you will be also able to see its location in real-time.

How to change password, phone, or address

  1. Go to Settings (Mark 1)
  2. If you need to change an email, type a new email in the field (Mark 2) and press Confirm and change (Mark 3). Don’t forget to confirm your email address in your email box.
  3. You can also change the address (Mark 4). Don’t forget to press Save changes (Mark 5)
  4. If you wish to change your password (Mark 6), just type your new password (and confirm password) and press Save changes (Mark 7)

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