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With GOFORIT application you can get extra information about the cars you want to buy.

Find out the most recent information

By GOFORIT App Car Buyers can get the most recent information about the car they are interested in. For example if you find any car on auto auction you can search it in our database. Eventually the car of your interest was transported by the car hauler truck driver and if truck driver has GOFORIT on his/her phone it is likely that there is inspection report on your car of interest. In addition you can research our car database and may be you can find the car you think is good fit for you. In most cases you can see details of the car, how it drives, does it have unusual engine noise, does it shakes, are there leaks, loose parts, is car dirty inside, was it smoker’s car. These information is not available in many cases while you shop on auto auctions.

Hear independent opinion

The car hauler truck drivers are NOT interested if you buy the car which they transport or not. Unlike used car dealers car transporters do not get paid if car they inspect gets sold. However they really have got the information you need to know. They drive your car, they go under your car, they inspect your car in detail, they are kind of auto experts. They have hauled many cars and often know specifications and weak parts of each model. In other words you need to know the information they have before you make decision to purchase the car.

Find out information about car before it is dropped off on auto auction

Car hauler truck drivers log information of the car they are transporting earlier than auction has received the car, thus it is opportunity for you to know this information in advance and position yourself. This information can be invaluable for used car dealers as they can get the information of the car being transported before it has even checked in the auto auction.

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