GOFORIT for Dispatchers – Pricing

To ensure the highest possible return on investment, we’re offering new flexible pricing and prediction structure for the GOFORIT web app, based on a cost-per-driver (CPD) model. You will only be charged for the really needed number of drivers for each particular month. No extra or hidden fees for the number of loads, the number of delivered cars, etc. It will be unlimited for all our users. For the first month, you don’t need to purchase a license – it is free for an unlimited amount of Transporters. After the first month, you will need to purchase a license for the needed amount of Transporters.

  • Validity for Dispatcher license – 1 month.

  • It is dynamically recalculated after each purchase/upgrade.

  • The price for one driver is $30/months.

Read more about How the billing period and the payments are working here.