GOFORIT for Dispatchers

New generation web platform for Car Hauling Dispatchers to manage their fleet.

The new web application platform for Dispatchers helps logistics companies to manage their fleet in the most sophisticated way and with minimum effort. The simplest process helps to start within minutes. Flexible licensing politics. Easy, quick, sufficient. To ensure the highest possible return on investment, we’re offering new pricing and prediction structure for the GOFORIT web app, based on a cost-per-driver (CPD) model. You will only be charged for the really needed number of drivers for each particular month. No extra or hidden fees for the number of loads, the number of delivered cars, etc. It will be unlimited for all our users.

Let’s get started!

We’re excited for you to take advantage of this product suite to move your fleet management service to a new level. To get started, simply sign up for an account (it is free for the first months) at this page

You can also get more information about our pricing model at this page.

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