GOFORIT application offers you the simplest way to inspect the cars in your load.

Inspect car in the easiest way ever

We know how important it is for you to save time and resources while inspecting each car you transport. You cannot afford time to loose while filling paper bill of lading about each car you transport. This application allows you to start inspection within few clicks. You can save and store your favorite clients for whom you often haul cars. You can mark car picked up or delivered with one click. The inspection diagram allows you to inspect the car you are transporting in the easiest way and the inspection will be so accurate that it does not even allow you to make mistakes.
Get paid while you do your inspection
While other car inspection apps charge you the fee for using their apps we will give this app not only for free, but you can earn extra money with it if you will use it regularly and build informative database. You are hauling cars and you hold very important information about each car. You drive those cars and you inspect them, you hear how engine works, if it has noise while driving, you have your opinion about the condition of the car. We value this opinion and we would like you to sell this opinion to someone who might be interested. Be honest, make accurate inspection, upload photos, mark all damages and malfunctions and this information can be sold to someone who is looking for the car you are transporting, so you’ll make additional profit.
Send Bill of lading with one click
Forget about paper, you can send bill of lading from the app. It is easy. Bill of lading includes all inspection information, transportation terms, vehicle sender and receiver signatures. It is not only easy but accurate too.

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