Inspect your cars in the easiest way ever

We know how time consuming it is to do thorough inspection of each vehicle you transport. On an average, you waste 4 minutes more on paper bill of ladings. More than that, papers are expensive and costs can easily comprise significant percentage of dispatching expenditures to make you consider seeking alternate ways. However existing inspection applications do not offer simple process. Often process is lengthy and multi-level. GOFORIT application allows you to start inspection within few clicks. You can save and store your favorite clients for whom you often transport cars. You can mark car picked up or delivered with one click. The inspection diagram allows you to inspect the car you are transporting in the easiest way and the inspection will be so accurate that it leaves no chance you to make mistakes. You will feel protected. When you do inspection every damage you note on the diagram will be dated and location will be displayed. It will protect you from future claims. You can use GOFORIT application inspection as a proof. Forget about sending paper or fax, you can send bill of ladings from the app. It is easy. Bill of lading includes all inspection information, list of damages including size of the damage, transportation terms, vehicle sender and receiver signatures.


Get paid while you do your inspection

You heard it right! You can earn extra money by each inspection you do. How? Have you ever wondered that you are keeping precious information about each vehicle you transport? You might know more about cars you transport than mechanic. You drive the car on the truck, you inspect in detail, you look inside, you go under the car to strap it down on the trailer, you hear noise of the engine, you look at dashboard and see gauges and finally you are an auto expert who have probably transported many cars in the past and your opinion do MATTERS for others. You document your inspection by photos, videos, description. And this information definitely has value for someone else. Car buyers, used car dealers, people from overseas who buy cars on American auto auctions are in need of such information. They cannot get enough from existing tools like CARFAX or VINREVISE, they are in need of REAL HUMAN OPINION THAT IS AS INDEPENDENT AND UNBIASED AS THEY CAN IMAGINE. More to it, you can be compensated for giving heads up notice to used car dealers who are looking for buying opportunities, because you have information before cars get checked in the auto auction.

We will show you an example: The person traded his Chevrolet Tahoe with Mercedes dealer. Mercedes dealer do not want to deal with Chevrolet Tahoe and sends it to Manheim auto auction. Mercedes dealers hires you for that, you pick up car and take it to the auction. Information appears in GOFORIT application and car buyers can find this car earlier than it really shows up in the auction. Thus, you know what cars you are transporting before they even get checked into the auto auctions. This application allows you do to little more inspection of the condition of each vehicle you transport after which the information becomes available to purchase. You will be compensated by points that is convertible into dollar amount and you can withdraw money to your PayPal account. More accurate information you place in the app more likely it is that this information will be sold. Remember, you get ratings by those who use your information. More pictures and proof you upload in the app more chance you have that you get high ratings and people will start using your information regularly.


Find out the most recent unbiased information

Are you looking for a car on American auto auction? Did you find your dream car which is far, in other state and you cannot afford to drive to the vehicle to test it? What options do you have to make sure that the car you are going to purchase online appears in good condition? You need accurate and unbiased information. Used car dealers often do not provide unbiased information. They are interested to quickly sell cars. Sometimes they do not know much about the vehicle.  On the other hand, the auctions do not often have detailed pictures and condition report of the vehicles, especially if these vehicles are sold under “AS IS” condition. The person who might be great match for your needs is the actual transporter aka car hauler truck driver who has ZERO interest whether you buy this car or not. He or she is not compensated for that. But he/she is the one whose opinion matters for you and he/she can be excellent auto expert to give you detailed information. Modern tools such as CARFAX or VINREVISE do not allow you to check current condition of the vehicle, furthermore they lack human opinion in the reports they make.

On another hand, auto auction return policies are often very expensive, time consuming and disappointing. Furthermore, there is no such return policy if you are buying cars under “AS IS” condition. So we have an idea for you! You can look up the vehicles in GOFORIT car buyer application. Once you locate the car that you are looking for you can check if transporter did GOFORIT inspection, how many photos and videos transporter uploaded in the application and finally what transporter thinks about the condition of this particular vehicle. You can even call and talk to transporter, ask him an opinion. We created it so flexible that you can choose what kind of information you are interested in. Maybe you are not bothered if vehicle has worn tires or brakes so you can exclude that information from shopping cart, however you need to see the video of the engine when it is on, you need to look underneath the vehicle to check if it is too rusty, or you need to know if axles produce clicking noise while driving, maybe you want to look at dash and find out what gauges are on. You might not want vehicle which was previously owned by frequent smoker. All this information might be available to you through the person who actually transported the vehicle from point A to point B and this point B is the auction where you find the vehicle.


Are you a regular car buyer?

If you are a car dealer who is looking for good buying opportunities this application might be great tool for you. Imagine you have opportunity to receive notifications as soon as vehicles are transported to the used car auctions. You can have this information even faster than action does! You can choose your favorite transporter and often buy information of the vehicles that he/she is transporting. The owning information in any auction MATTERS MOST. If you have information ahead of the time you have winning ticket in your hand. Also if you are looking for a specific car or a specific undamaged part of some car and you wish to know about this before others – it’s the best and ONLY app which can do it. Download GOFORIT application, sign up as a car buyer and set up notifications. In notification menu, you can choose vehicle make, model, location, state, auction, year and more settings. You can make your own list of what you want to receive. This application also connects you with transporter who you can assign vehicles if you are looking to move cars.

Advantages for Car Transporters


Start inspecting the car instantly. Special design of the car inspection diagram constructed the simplest way for your best comfort.


Forget about caring multi-page bill of lading - just use comfortable application's interface. And if needed simply print the receipt.


Your inspection is very valuable and can be sold. You can get the compensation as soon as someone buys it.


Current or historic loads are all kept in the application. Access history, search any particular load and print it.


Need vehicle specifications to fit the load on the trailer? Load helper can sorts cars by weight, height and length.


In our Inspection Diagram you can measure each damage and include accurate information with photos and videos for each damage.

advantages for Car buyers


Mitigate the risk of buying cars with unexpected and hidden damages. Check independent information and opinion provided by car transporters.


Keep track where you car is and where it was picked up or dropped off. Track the history of inspections.


Need to know only few details about the car? Fill free to select needed information and pay only for it.


All information circulated in our application are provided by independent car transporters which are not interested to sell the car.


Be the first who get the info about the car (even before the auction) by using our great notification functionality.


Car carriers drivers rate the cars they are transporting. So you can choose the car with the highest ratings.

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